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Suri Open Female
Full Accoyo, Full Accoyo!
ARI# 31061742   D.O.B. 6/14/2008
Suri, Female, Proven, 10 yrs old White
Sire: Pival Accoyo Admiral
Dam: TSP's Accoyo Crystal

Third time's a Charm, and our Accoyo Charm is just that: one of only three full-Accoyo Admiral (now deceased) daughters, and charming in every way. Accoyo's Montoyo, R...   read more

Full Accoyo
ARI# 0032122572   D.O.B. 5/29/2016
Suri, Female, Unproven, 2 yrs old White
Sire: El Dorado Accoyo Cloud Warrior
Dam: Charm's Classic Accoyo of 925 Suris

What a big, beautiful girl! Sweet disposition, gorgeous fiber, fabulous genotype. Updated photos coming soon!...   read more

Proven producer of black and gray!
ARI# 30930162   D.O.B. 6/26/2007
Suri, Female, Proven, 11 yrs old True Black
Sire: Four Winds Toronado
Dam: Applegate's Black Lace
Service Sire: Sir Frederick Gray of 925 Suris

True Black fleece, such a pleasure to have in our pasture. Perfect for a new breeder wanting to produce black or gray! Gentle personality that she passes on to her cria...   read more

Full Accoyo, A Classy Beauty!
ARI# 32593136   D.O.B. 4/21/2012
Suri, Female, Proven, 6 yrs old White
Sire: DDF Accoyo Armani
Dam: Aero's Accoyo Charm of 925 Suris
Service Sire: El Dorado Accoyo Cloud Warrior

Lovely, full Accoyo girl, and easy keeper, easy breeder! Gave birth to her first cria, a full Accoyo female, in May 2016, sired by Cloud Warrior. Schedule an appointme...   read more

Full Accoyo, Big, beautiful, & gorgeous fleece!
ARI# 32431537   D.O.B. 3/19/2014
Suri, Female, Unproven, 4 yrs old Light Fawn
Sire: 6Peruvian Chachapoya 5110 Impr98
Dam: TSP's Accoyo Crystal

This strong little beauty survived a rattlesnake bite at three weeks old, and recovered in record time with no complication... barely slowed her down! She shows great pot...   read more

A true beauty with sweet disposition!
ARI# 32431513   D.O.B. 4/8/2014
Suri, Female, Unproven, 4 yrs old Medium Fawn
Sire: 925 Suris Sterling Vindication
Dam: Dancing Moon Dream Girl by Daedalus

This little beauty in a stunner in every way: luscious fiber, strong bone, ideal phenotype, and sweet as she can be! A spitting image of her dam, and gray genetics... a w...   read more

Color of honey
ARI# 31714204   D.O.B. 1/15/2010
Suri, Female, Proven, 8 yrs old Light Fawn
Sire: Snowmass Silken Gold
Dam: 007's Ms. Galore

Silky, lustrous fleece, the color of honey. That's our girl! Snowmass Silken Gold bred to our premiere gray dam, Ms. Galore produced Honey Ryder. Honey was shorn at si...   read more

Lovely Gray Girl!
ARI# 32122770   D.O.B. 11/23/2011
Suri, Female, Unproven, 6 yrs old Dark Rose Grey
Sire: 925 Suris Sterling Vindication
Dam: 007's Ms. Galore

How exciting to get a beautiful, modern dark gray girl from Ms. Galore (now deceased) and our own Sterling Vindication, our two premiere tuxedo grays! Kissy (named for a ...   read more

All of her dam's startling beauty!
ARI# 32431544   D.O.B. 12/20/2013
Suri, Female, Unproven, 4 yrs old Medium Rose Grey
Sire: Siriusly Black Logan of 925 Suris
Dam: Luciente of 925 Suris

The spitting image of her dam at the same age, Lucy's Mini-Me shows every bit of her mom, Luciente's, winning qualities. She is a beauty! She would rock it in the show r...   read more

Beautiful True Black Charmer
ARI# 32122701   D.O.B. 4/10/2013
Suri, Female, Unproven, 5 yrs old True Black
Sire: Sir Frederick Gray of 925 Suris
Dam: WTR Midnight Moon

This gorgeous, true black gal is the offspring of our Midnight Moon (and Sir Frederick Gray) and carries on all her dam's and sires best traits. Fabulous fiber, strong bo...   read more

True Black Beauty
Full Peruvian Fawn
ARI# 829356   D.O.B. 6/17/2001
Suri, Female, Proven, 17 yrs old Light Fawn
Sire: 4Peruvian Liberator
Dam: 6Peruvian Cambria
Service Sire: TSP's Accoyo Lyle

Bella is a lovely, blue-ribbon winning, light fawn suri with a sweet personality. She was a producer for Meadowgate Farms Alpacas in New Jersey for years. She recentl...   read more

What a beauty!
ARI# 31412032   D.O.B. 4/6/2009
Suri, Female, Proven, 9 yrs old White
Sire: Our Accoyo Peruvian Rockstar
Dam: 4Peruvian Tostada

Lovely head shape, wonderful fiber, strong and healthy girl. What's not to love? She has thick, chunky lock with good density. A gentle and easy-going personality. Sure t...   read more

Rockstar Daughter
ARI# 0032122565   D.O.B. 6/10/2016
Suri, Female, Unproven, 2 yrs old True Black
Sire: Sylent Partner
Dam: Silken Frills of 925 Suris

Classic Suri Phenotype & a real sweetie!
ARI# 30479616   D.O.B. 6/6/2009
Suri, Female, Proven, 9 yrs old Medium Fawn
Sire: ARSA MacGyver's Daedalus
Dam: Savilla of Bolivia
Service Sire: Barry of 925 Suris

Suvilla (her dam is Savilla, and we also own a Sevilla, so we couldn't resist the name!) is the quintessential suri: phenotype, lock, the whole shebang! From day one, we ...   read more

Full Accoyo, Mega... everything!
ARI# 30507951   D.O.B. 2/20/2006
Suri, Female, Proven, 12 yrs old White
Sire: HHSF Peruvian Accoyo Montoyo
Dam: DPA Chincha

Crystal is a beautiful full accoyo female with Ramillo and Torbio on her pedigree. She is an exceptional dam. Easy breeder, great milk (all her cria weigh 100 lbs at we...   read more

True black & lustrous
ARI# 31846233   D.O.B. 8/13/2008
Suri, Female, Proven, 9 yrs old True Black
Sire: Snowmass Silken Gold
Dam: Sanabria

Shinaka is a true-black Silken Gold daughter with lovely phenotype, lock and luster. When bred to black, she produced an outstanding solid TB male, the Lone Ranger. What ...   read more

Proven Producer of Black!
Suri Male
7/8 Accoyo, Fabulous potential!
ARI# 32593037   D.O.B. 4/14/2012
Suri, Male, Unproven, 6 yrs old Medium Fawn
Sire: Aero Ranch's Auguste Piccard
Dam: TSP's Accoyo Crystal

Great genetics packed into this beautiful boy and rugged good looks! Purchase him, a breeding, or select a girl to purchase from 925 Suris and we will breed her to him f...   read more

Stud Fee:
Outstanding Black Suri
ARI# 31225458   D.O.B. 8/2/2008
Suri, Male, Proven, 9 yrs old Bay Black
Sire: SBS Phoenix
Dam: Fine Threads Grace Jax

Peruvian Sylent Partner (aka Sly) is one very proud, stately fellow with gorgeous luster, lock formation and the nicest disposition, a true delight to have in the pasture...   read more

Stud Fee:
Strong, sweet, & smart... what a guy!
D.O.B. 2/22/2014
Suri, Male, Unproven, 4 yrs old Bay Black
Sire: Sterling Vindication
Dam: Dr. Holly Goodhead of 925 Suris

Our newest ranch ambassador, Fideo had a rough start to his life, but quickly made progress. As you can see in his photos, he's now a stunner! What you can't see is his s...   read more

"Bondo" - Rock-solid boy
ARI# 32243444   D.O.B. 11/5/2012
Suri, Male, Unproven, 5 yrs old Dark Silver Grey, Bay Black
Sire: 925 Suris Sterling Vindication
Dam: Dr. Holly Goodhead of 925 Suris

This guy is rock solid! Built like a tank with loads of gorgeous fleece. Excellent bone, lock, fineness, coverage and luster at the skin. He has packed on the fleece and...   read more

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