9/11/13 Belleza

RR Lancelot CC at 2yo

RR Coltrane RCC behind brother...

RR Miles Davis

Fiber/Scientific Data

201723.18, 4.17, 21.46/ 91.26
2015Micron Count: 22.06/4.7/21.33/94.52/75.0
2014Micron Count: 20.65/ 4.29/ 20.78/ 97.24
2013Micron Count: 20.4/ 4.4/ 21.7/ 97.2%
Black Beauty
RR BELLEZA NERA -Unrivaled density!

Huacaya, Female, Unproven | True Black

ARI# 31620048, D.O.B. 9/14/2011, 7/8 Peruvian

Sire: Snowmass Midnight Sun ARI# 30820425 Light Fawn  
Dam: Snowmass Casanova's Myst ARI#  


This girl is not for sale. We like everything about her from conformation to fiber to her intense non fading black color.

She is the 3rd densest female yet biopsied by Ian Watt (january, 2016) and the densest black and the results are apparent in her production.

Follicle Density:
S:P 12.6:1 (watt)

Micron Count: 20.65/ 4.29/ 20.78/ 97.24


SWRAS Sarah Jane McLennan
Produce of Dam, 2016 Gold Country gathering (RR Lancelot and RR Coltrane)
Produce of Dam (RR Lancelot and RR Coltrane)